What we do

GrowTech Solutions provides technology products to people who grow or sell plants.  Typically, that technology is related to product identification or processing and most often involves Tags, Labels, Barcodes or Merchandising Materials.  Hence our primary product lines include:

  • Weather-Durable Printing Media:, for both Color Laser Printers (largest selection available to the industry) & Thermal Transfer
  • Printers, Consumables & Peripherals:  Color Laser Printers, Thermal Transfer Printers and associated Consumable Supplies, Parts and Peripherals
  • Software:  Labeling software, Custom Horticulture Software, Plant Photography, Custom Databases
  • Attachment & Display:  Signholders and various tag attachment devices and tools

We provide working, turn-key solutions for the Horticulture industry: Wholesale Growers, Horticultural Distribution Centers, Retail Garden Centers and Greenhouses.    

Our customers enjoy 24x7x365 internet ordering at discount prices.  We drop-ship directly to our customers from the nearest warehouse to them to save freight expenses.  In most cases, we are able to deliver product within 2 days.  Printers and consumables are shipped from one of over 17 different warehouses, for prompt, safe and economical delivery. 

We provide working solutions, not just products.  Thousands of dollars and hours are spent researching and testing both in the lab and in the field, so that you don't have to. 

GrowTech Solutions....'Providing technical solutions for those who sell plant materials & related products'.


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