Printing System:  What exactly is it?

A Printing System for Horticulture is a system, composed of many components that are each carefully tested and designed to work together as a unit. 

That system consists of

  • Hardware:
    • The Printer and the associated replenishment Supplies, such as Toner, that go with it
  • Printing Media:
    • The plastic sheets that you print on
  • Software:
    • The "command center" that assembles your data and sends it to the Printer

The Hardware and the Printing Media are very closely tied to one another.
Every laser printer has it's own fuser temperature, pick mechanisms, toner bonding points, etc..  Each one is unique.  We custom-manufacture our LaserTag Printing Media to match the specifications of the Phaser line of color laser Printers so that you don't have deal with constant paper jams, meltdowns, poor toner bonding, or premature fading of the color.  
Essentially, we build our Printing Stock of the exact material composition, to the precise thickness, with the correct UV inhibitors and topcoats, so that the Printer is able to pick & feed our sheets without jamming or melting, is able to image on the Stock clearly and accurately, and then melts the Toner into  the plastic, assuring you of a long-lasting image outdoors.
We've isolated the best printers on the market, and then built our stock to match them.  Through a bit of "reverse engineering" and lots of testing, we've made our stock to match their capabilities so that you get a flawless, weather-durable image.

The Software,  is the "messenger" that sends the data from the PC to the Printer to tell it what to do - it therefore could come in a variety of acceptable programs, so long as it does what you want it to do.  It can "stand alone" or be integrated with your accounting/shipping software, depending on your needs.  It can be simple & basic, or very elaborate & complex, depending on what degree of automation you want.

Summary is that Printer and Media should not be separated, but if you already own Software that you like, you can certainly continue using it if it does what you want it to do.  If you don't own something, we can help you.

So a Horticultural Print System is:

A carefully chosen and tested Printer, with matched, compatible Print Media, driven by Software that knows how to configure the data and command the printer to do what you want it to do!

If you purchase a system from us, we guarantee results.

What a print system isn't...

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