LaserTagTM 305 Print Media

LaserTag 305 is our standard grade media that is used for almost all of our laser printable tags, signs and banners.   It is of the consistency or thickness of premium, heavy-grade paper, but it is 100% synthetic. 
It is available, die-cut, in many different sizes and shapes, from small tags to large signs and banners.  We provide the sheets with a micro-perforation so that they break down easily and quickly to the intended size.  Tags are available with a pre-printed generic planting guide on the backside, whereas most Signs are delivered blank on both sides.
We can custom pre-print any static (non-changing) information, such as your logo or a custom planting guide for you as we die-cut the sheets if you prefer.

Exclusive providers of LaserTag family of print media for color laser printers, GrowTech Solutions brings to you the finest in on-demand printing capabilities.   We haved dozens of dies to choose from.   Here is a small sampling:

Sample Signs:  SignDieCuts

Sample Tags:  BlankTagDieCuts  PrePrintTagDies

  • 100% Waterproof
    • Use them underwater if you like!  Unlike tags with organic content, LaserTag will NOT absorb any water.  Some of our customers include Aquatic growers who are delighted with it.  
  • U.V. Resistant.  
    • We add our proprietary Topcoats, with Ultraviolet inhibitors, Toner Anchoring Agents, and Heat Buffers to guarantee you of a crisp, long-lasting image outdoors, even when exposed to sunlight all day. 
    • Colors stay extremely bright and crisp for about 6-9 months in most of the U.S., and are about 10-15% faded by the end of the year, when they should be taken down and reprinted for next year.  Note that there are extreme exceptions:  if you're in the lower parts of FL or TX, you may want to reprint earlier, and if you put your signage in a shade house, or out of direct sunlight, you might get 2 years out of it instead of 1.  The fading is a characteristic of the Toner, not the media.  If you use organic toner, your image will fade much quicker.  Use our patented E.A. toner for a full season of use.
  • Won't curl, shrink or warp
    • Who wants twisted, curly signs or tags?  Even when totally submerged for weeks, LaserTag won't curl or shrink, like most tags with "organic or biodegradable" content do.  Your Signs & Tags will remain flat, no matter how much water, cold or heat you subject them to!
  • Tear Resistant. 
    • From a factory edge the product is almost impossible to rip, however, like most all plastics, once a cut is started, you can, forcibly rip it. 
  • Laser Printable.
    • Though the product is made specifically for our Color Laser printers, it does work, with varying degrees of success with most any laser printer.  Field longevity is not as great with other printers due to inferior toner and weak fusers, but some find it acceptable, particularly if you are printing black & white.
  • Affordable.
    • Using our print system will generally produce tags & signs cheaper than you can buy them preprinted.  The exception being if you were to purchase 20-30,000 identical tags or signs from a print house; then you could save money by purchasing them pre-printed.  However, if you are looking to print small to modest quantities, you can print them more economically than your can buy them pre-printed in most circumstances. 

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