Printing System:  What it ISN'T...

I already own a color laser.  Do I have to buy your printer?  Why can't I just use what I already have?

You can, so long as you realize that you are taking responsibility for all technical support issues with compatibility and longevity in the field.   Buying an "off the shelf" printer to perform specialized printing (printing on plastic) typically results in lots of unnecessary frustration and expense while trying to use it for weather-durable output.  'Better to use that machine for printing on paper-only and get one that is made for the task. 
The Xerox Phaser & VersaLink printers that we provide produce the longest lasting results of all existing machinery that we have found.

Simply put, changing the recipe for "grandma's cookies" is going to result in a cookie that doesn't taste like grandma's.   Our media is made for the Xerox toner bonding characteristics and fuser temperatures.  If you use it in a different printer, you do so 'on your own'. 

I already own Microsoft Publisher (or Adobe Pagemaker, or LabelView, or Bartender, or whatever).   Can I use it instead of your software?

Absolutely.   If you own it, you like it, and it does what you want it to do, then you can use it for that purpose.  Of course, we cannot provide technical support for the software portion of the system if you are using something that we don't know or sell.  The printers come with both PC and MAC drivers, so if you can print to any other printer, you can print to these. 
If you don't own Software suitable for your purposes, then we can help you with ours.  We provide task-specific software with complete databases, professional plant photography, and embedded templates, ready-to-work, right out of the box. 
Sometimes, very small retailers or specialty growers with only a few products to identify can get away with "shrink-wrapped" software.  But, the more items you sell, the more sense it makes to use horticulture-specific software like Color-Tree.

I want to buy your printer but continue using my existing printing stocks that I get from ***.  Is that OK?

Not really.... You're going to wind up with compatibility issues and no-one to support you.   Every printer has it's own unique fuser temperatures, toner bonding points and pick mechanisms.  Rather than see you in that position, we'd rather you buy their printer from them if you want to use their stock, so that you will have someone you can hold accountable for functionality.  Everybody is better off if you play by the rules and use the printer that the stock is made for.   If you like XYZ as your media vendor, then you should use the XYZ recommended printer.  We have a proven record of successful installations with well over 400 satisfied customers.  If you like our results, please follow our recipe to get there. 

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